Office of the Chief Electoral Officer


Name Title Telephone Number
Abdeljabbar Chokki Election Contributions and Expenses Officer 819-939-2682
Abdellah El Yousfi Lemghari Agent aux contributions et dépenses d?elections 819-939-1764
Abdellah Elyousti Lemghari (2020) Agent aux contributions et dépenses d?elections 819-939-2324
Abdoulaye Doumbia (2019) Administrative Assistant 819-939-1846
Aboubacar Dakuyo Outreach Officer
Adam McLaren Telecom Analyst 819-939-1221
Adam Tindal Videographer and Multimedia 873-416-2369
Adrian Cloete Director, Communication Services 819-939-1898
Adrian Bennett Assistant Director PCS
Ageliki Apostolakos (2020) Legal Counsel 819-939-2083
Agnès Joannisse Project Officer, Elections Expenses 819-939-2023
Ahmed Saeed (2019) Administrative Clerk 819-939-2111
Al Mathews Senior Investigator 819-939-2076
Alain Tremblay (2019) Electoral Data Officer 819-939-1698
Alain Pelletier (2020) Director, Policy and Research 819-939-1912
Alain Bernard Assistant Director , Electoral Administrators Recruitment 819-939-1501
Alain Decelles Senior Auditors 819-939-1962
Alain Simard Databases Admin
Alain P Tremblay (2020) Data Quality Analysis Assistant 819-939-1698
Alan Webb Instructional Designer 819-939-1610
Alan Bristow Web Programmer 819-939-2232
Alanna Simpson Administrative Clerk 819-939-2033
Alex Okuda-Rayfuse Procedures Officer 819-939-1362
Alexander Dziarski Analyste, Dév des applications 819-939-2461
Alexandra Tremblay-Plourde (2020) Procedures Officer 819-939-1626
Alexandra Kruger Videographer and Multimedia 873-416-2357
Alexandre Lessard Field Support Network Officer 819-939-2444
Alexandre Lambert Analyst 819-939-2979
Alexandre Dionne Enquiries Officer
Alexandre Mullin Analyst, Corporate Performance & Risk Management 873-415-0442
Alice Brun-Newhook Documentation Control Office 819-939-1407
Aline Chiasson (2019) Communications Assistant 819-939-1889
Aline Khadissatou Diatta Field Support Network Officer 873-415-0465
Alison Anderson IT Portfolio Manager 819-939-1350
Allison Slaney Procedures officer 819-939-2203
Alvin Leung Operational Training & Evaluation Officer 819-939-2174
Alyssa St-Louis Field Support Network Officer
Amanda Jamieson Operations Officer 613-949-1317
Amber Rodger (2019) Analyst, Electoral Integrity Office 819-939-2467
Amelia Brown Director, Electoral Integrity and Internal Audit 819-939-1265
Amelie Lord Field Support Network Officer 819-939-2386
Amélie Côté Manager, Plan and Fin 819-939-2685
Aminata Camara Senior Auditors 819-939-2996
Amy Yuen Acting Assistant Director 819-939-1986
Ana Dursun (2020) Policy Analyst 819-939-2979
Anaïs Bertrand-Dansereau Analyst
Anastasia Pivnicki Internal Communications Advisor 819-939-1330
André Daigle Assistant Director, Corporate Accounting and Finance 819-939-1494
André Cyr Partnership Advisor 819-939-1692
André Fecteau Analyst 819-939-2014
Andréa D?Agostino Project Officer 819-934-2968
Andréanne Rochefort (2019) Chief, Operational Outreach and External Relations 819-939-2169
Andréanne Sabourin Administrative assistant 819-939-0572
Andreé Mathieu (2020) Project Manager 819-939-1798
Andrée Delisle (2019) Manager and ATIP Coordinator 819-939-1296
Andrée Mathieu Project Manager 819-939-1798
Andrée Marie Delisle Assistant Director, ATIP 819-939-1296
Andrew Digney Data Quality Analysis 819-939-1706
Andrew Salm Technical Advisor 873-416-0868
Andy Phillips Analyst 819-953-1561
Angela Saikaley (2019) Senior HR Advisor 819-939-1580
Angéline Crites (2019) Compensation Advisor 819-939-2221
Angelle Delisle Electoral Data Officer 819-939-1869
Angelo Elias Manager, Research 819-939-1881
Anik Thériault Senior Compliance Officer 819-934-2941
Anil Mawani ECSN Advisor 819-939-0584
Anita Bhatia Systems & Q. A. Analyst 819-956-5027
Ann Hai Cote Field Support Network Officer
Anna Fuso Petrò Senior Compensation Advisor 819-939-2930
Annabelle O'Keeffe Manager, CERA 819-939-1996
Anne Lawson Deputy Chief Electoral Officer 819-939-2088
Anne Casabon (2020) Complaints Management Officer 819-939-1575
Anne Mathieu HR Coordinator 819-939-2101
Anne Marie Bisson (2020) Sector Planning and Reporting Officer 819-939-1651
Anne-Marie Bisson (2019) Technical Officer 819-939-1651
Anne-Marie Lalonde Web site Manager 819-939-1858
Annie de Bellefeuille Team Leader, Procurement and Contracting Services 613-218-1301
Annie Desrosiers Director, Voter Information Campaign 819-939-1619
Annie Guitar (2019) Administrative Officer 819-939-2944
Annie Deschamps Finance and Admin Officer 819-939-1366
Annie Laquerre HR Systems Officer 819-939-2265
Annie Laflèche Manager, Advertising Service 819-939-2138
Annik Sincennes Administration Assistant 819-939-1940
April Freeman (2019) Data and Systems Analyst 819-939-2238
Arielle Kaneza (2019) Analyst, Electoral Administrators Recruitment 819-939-2230
Arthur Eastman (2020) Telecommunications Officer 819-939-1222
Ashley Tran Senior Advisor, Procurement and Contracting Services 343-543-7999
Ashley Wagner Senior HR Advisor 819-939-2269
Asma Tigmi Senior Compensation Advisor 819-939-1769
Avril Ford Aubry Investigator 819-934-2939
B Dominique Roy Coordinator, Registration Unit 819-939-1984
Barbara Robertson Senior Technical Advisor, Procurement Modernization, Procurement and Contracting Services 613-617-4029
Barbara Buchholcz Financial and Administrative Assistant 819-939-2256
Barbara Wallace Compliance Officer 819-934-2959
Barry Evans System Administrator Level 2 819-934-1615
Bastalé Simporé Electoral Expenses Officer 819-939-1946
Benito Gatoto Compensation Advisor 819-939-2251
Benjamin Grégoire (2019) Administrative Officer 819-939-2028
Benjamin Campin Technical Advisor, GIS Application development, geospatial datab 819-939-2813
Benny Bui Auditor 819-939-1339