Policy and Public Affairs


Name Title Telephone Number
Alan Bristow Web Programmer 819-939-2232
Alexandre Lambert Analyst 819-939-2979
Ana Dursun (2020) Policy Analyst 819-939-2979
Angelo Elias Manager, Research 819-939-1881
Anne-Marie Lalonde Web site Manager 819-939-1858
Annie Desrosiers Director, Voter Information Campaign 819-939-1619
Annie Laflèche Manager, Advertising Service 819-939-2138
Bradley Darch Outreach Officer 819-939-1395
Camille Godais (2020) Linguistic Services Coordinator 819-939-1455
Caroline Bisson Senior Media Relations and Issues Advisor 819-939-1903
Chelsea Honeyman Senior Outreach Officer 819-956-5072
Christine Cantin Logistics officer 819-939-2212
Claudie Côté Project officer PPA 819-939-2099
Cyntia Henley Outreach Agent 819-939-2683
Danesh Lahens (2020) Administrative Assistant 819-939-2249
Daniel Graf Senior Officer 819-939-1817
Daniel Schlievert Statistical and Enquiries Officer 819-939-1825
Daniel Fischer Director Digital Media 819-939-1851
David Le Blanc Assistant Director, Outreach and Stakeholder Engagement 819-939-1845
Devon McCarron Financial & Admin. Advisor 819-939-1945
Dirk Pereboom Conseiller en finance et admin. 819-939-2401
Dorothy Caldwell Communications officer 819-939-1907
Elizabeth Burns Editor 819-939-1772
Émilie Jadot Communications Officer 819-939-1547
Emily Taylor-King Analyst 819-939-2188
Erin Broome Program Analyst 819-939-2262
Frédéric Janelle Manager, Policy and Parliamentary Affairs 819-939-1893
Geneviève Latulippe Outreach Officer, PPA 819-939-2103
Georges Richard Web Programmer 819-939-2268
Ghislain Desjardins Senior Advisor, Media Relations and Issues Management 819-939-1902
Hailey Khan Social Media Manager 819-939-1875
Hubert Grégoire Project Manager 819-939-2970
Jannine Atkinson Outreach Officer 819-934-1612
Jean-François Germain Manager PEU 819-939-0411
Jean-Philippe Savard English Editor 819-939-1857
Jocelyn Flenon Policy and Research Analyst 819-939-2027
Joey Ferris Policy and research Analyst 819-939-1638
Juan Melara-Pineda Senior Outreach Officer 819-939-1788
Julie Martineau Desktop Publisher / Graphic Designer 819-939-1878
Kaitlin MacKenzie Outreach Officer 819-939-1909
Karo Séguin Senior Outreach Officer, PPA 819-939-2973
Karolina Zych (2020) Administrative Assistant
Kim Newton Financial & Administrative Officer 819-939-1495
Laura Vander Molen (2020) Administrative Project Coordinator 819-939-1805
Lisa Drouillard Director, Outreach and Stakeholder Engagement 819-939-2296
Lysandre Marcoux (2020) Administrative Assistant
Marc Lamontagne (2020) Director, Advertising and Publication Services 819-939-1910
Marie-Louise Labelle Chief, Linguistic Services 819-939-1876
Mari-Lisa Mank (2020) Analyst 819-939-2104
Matthew McKenna Media Relations Advisor 819-939-2121
Mélanie Rousseau Assistant Director, Internal Communications 819-939-2189
Melissa Dompierre Communications Officer 819-939-2257
Melissa Soucie Enquiries Officer 819-939-2994
Michel Verner Internal Communications Officer 819-939-1523
Michelle Horner Outreach Officer, PPA 819-956-5009
Miriam Lapp Acting Director, Public Education and Information Program Performance 819-939-1934
Natasha Gauthier Manager, Media relations 819-939-1742
Nick Gamache Acting Director, Media Relations and Issues Management 819-939-2239
Noel Waghorn Senior Strategic Communications Advisor 819-939-1872
Pascale Renaud Senior Editor, Quality Control 819-939-1832
Paul Jorgenson Outreach Officer 819-939-2213
Rachael Dolan (2020) Communication Officer 819-939-1728
Rachel Collishaw Senior Education Specialist
Rebecca Bothwell Reference Officer, Policy and Research 819-939-1950
Robyn McMillan Communication Officer 819-939-1937
Roger Bérubé Project Officer 819-939-1868
Samy Agha Manager, Policy and Parliamentary Affairs 819-939-1893
Sandra Baranek Communications Officer, PPA 819-939-1852
Sara El Balaa Houssari (2020) Communications Officer 819-939-1859
Sharmila Biswas-Mistry Senior Project Officer 819-939-1869
Sherry Aske Communication Officer 819-939-1867
Sinisa Sindik Communications Advisor 819-939-2689
Sonia Molinski Communications Officer 819-939-1906
Stéphanie Boutet Enquiries Officer 819-939-1840
Susan Torosian Executive Director, Policy and Public Affairs 819-939-1856
Sylvie Lessard Financial, HR & Administrative Planning Manager 819-939-1892
Teresinha DaSilva Coordinator, Editing Services 819-939-1871
Vanessa Laporte Enquiries Officer 819-939-1796
Véronique Mainville French Editor 819-939-1885
Victoria Bennett Research and Policy Analyst 819-934-1611
Zheyu Shi Junior Web Officer 819-939-1862