President's Office


Name Title Telephone Number
Amber McMachen Administrative Assistant 613-298-9374
Candice Mouchet Chief of Staff 613-292-1759
David Scott President and CEO 613-943-8605
Emily Woods (2018) Senior Advisor to the President 613-292-4028
Erin Freeland-Ballantyne Senior Advisor 343-543-0089
François Carrier Executive Director, Programs 867-983-5438
Jihan Saliba (2019) Receptionist 613-943-8605
Julie Laghi Executive Director, Corporate Services 613-292-0419
Julie Vaillant (2018) Reception 613-943-8605
Kristin White Executive Assistant to the President 613-295-8031
Martin Raillard Chief Scientist 867-391-0315
Regienna Baggayan Administrative & Scheduling Assistant 613-295-5034
Tina Maisonneuve (2017) Senior Advisor to the President 613-295-5427