Name Title Telephone Number
Alain Simard Acquisitions and Documentation Officer 819-776-8661
Anne Macdonnell Conservator, Paper 819-776-8665
Arlene Doucette (2018) Collections Specialist, Dress and Insignia 819-776-8645
Carol Reid (2018) Collections Specialist, Archives 819-776-8661
Eric Fernberg Collections Specialist, Arms and Technology 819-776-8653
Erin Monette Acquisitions and Documentation Officer 819-776-8663
George Barnhill (2018) Loans Officer 819-776-8641
James Whitham Director, Collections 819-776-8646
Jane Naisbitt (2016) Head, MHRC and Collections Information 819-776-8674
Jayson Drew Oliver Supervisor, Collections Management 819-776-8674
Jennifer Potter Acquisitions and Documentation Officer 819-776-8644
Jessica Gagné Administrative Assistant 819-776-8656
Kirby Sayant Supervisor, Conservation and Technical Services 819-776-8669
Lindsay Towle Loans Officer 819-776-8641
Maggie Arbour Collections Specialist, Images 819-776-8655
Mayme Windle (2016) Collections Coordinator 819-776-8621
Meredith Maclean Collections Specialist, Art and Memorials 819-776-8648
Michael Miller Artifacts Restoration Preparator 819-776-8691
Mona Ardestani Exhibit Display Preparator 819-776-8634
Rebecca Renner (2019) Supervisor, Conservation and Technical Services 819-776-8669
Shirley Lam Conservator, Objects 819-776-8668
Susan Ross Image Reproduction Service Technician 819-776-8642
William Kent Photographer 819-776-8642