Science and Technology

Organization Structure



Name Title Telephone Number
Adam Houben Acting Manager, Strategic Planning and Publications; Science Officer 867-983-5363
Aili Pedersen Field Technician 867-983-4868
Alain Leclair Director, Science and Technology 343-540-9958
Angulalik Pedersen Fiel Technician 867-983-5464
Brandon Langan Small Engine Mechanic 867-391-0049
Bryan Vandenbrink Science Ranger 867-391-0053
Calvin Pedersen Senior Field Technician 867-391-0007
Christopher Arko Team Lead, IM/IT 867-983-5503
Donald McLennan Senior Science Officer 613-295-6135
Gabriel Ferland Senior Field Technican 867-391-0127
Garry Beattie Technician
Grant Redvers (2020) Manager, Science and Technology Technical Operations 867-983-5467
Heather Dewar (2017) Senior Technology Advisor 613-295-8031
Hugh Dale-Harris (2020) Senior Logistics Officer 343-540-6796
Ian Hogg Team Lead, Ecosystem Science 867-983-5560
Jasmine Tiktalek Field Technician 867-391-0052
Jean-François Lamarre Acting Manager, S&T Operations; Science Officer 867-983-4935
Johann Wagner Science Officer 613-295-8424
Katherine Wilson (2017) Senior Science Advisor 613-295-4896
Lawrence Keyte (2018) Science Officer 343-540-6796
Martin Raillard (2016) Chief Scientist and Vice-President, Science & Technology 613-408-5252
Martin Leger Lab Manager 867-983-6541
Matlide Tomaselli Wildlife Researcher
Matt Wallace (2019) Project Engineer 867-983-5269
Rebecca Turpin (2020) Manager,Strategic Planning 613-292-5705
Regienna Baggayan A/ Administrative Officer 613-295-5034
Robert Cooke Team Lead, Clean Energy & Infrastructure 867-456-8643
Sheldeen Emingak Administrative Assistant 867-391-0046
Simona Wagner (2020) Project Lead, Laboratory 867-983-6520
Stéphanie Coulombe Research Scientist 867-983-6676