Lake Louise, Yoho & Kootenay Field Unit


Name Title Telephone Number
Adam Sherriff Resource Management Officer II 403-431-2745
Adam Sherriff (2020) Resource Management Officer I 403-522-1196
Alex Taylor (2020) Resource Management Officer I 403-760-1878
Alex Kolesch Senior Advisor 403-762-7725
Alison Luco Visitor Services Attendant II 403-762-3263
Allison Fisher Resource Management Officer I 403-522-1223
Allison Fisher (2020) Maintenance Worker II 403-431-8636
Amy Krause Public Relations and Communications Officer IV 403-522-4230
Andrew Bullock Maintenance Worker III 403-763-9124
Annaick Balsan Interpretation Officer 250-343-6130
Anne Forshner Wildlife Ecologist 403-431-1795
Barb Eliason Human Resources Advisor II 250-270-0302
Barbara Sheppard Visitor Services Team Leader II 250-343-6783
Benoit Duplantis Maintenance Worker II 250-344-0076
Brian Spreadbury Resource Management Officer II 403-522-1231
Brian Seed Carpenter Coordinator 403-522-1237
Catriona Dempsey Resource Management Officer I - Wildlife
Charlie Mclellan Fire Management Officer 250-347-6174
Chris Granter Fire Crew Leader 250-347-6176
Chris Allen Information Technology Services Technician 403-431-0326
Darrell Warbrick Driver/Operator - Road Maintenance III 250-347-6632
Dave Atkinson Trail Crew Member 250-347-6183
David Allen (2020) Technical Services Coordinator II 250-343-6103
David Bognar Visitor Services Team Leader II 403-522-1253
David Allen Project Manager - Asset Management 405-522-1217
Dimitri Souilhol Visitor Services Attendant II 403-522-1264
Don Mctrowe Maintenance Worker III 403-522-3623
Dwight Bourdin Resource Conservation Manager IV 250-347-6156
Elaine Lemieux (2020) Realty Officer 250-343-6106
Erin Murphy Visitor Services Attendant II 403-344-1264
Francis Bertrand Maintenance Worker II 403-763-9124
George Kolisnyk Maintenance Worker III 250-347-9485
Ginette Therrien (2020) Visitor Services Attendant II 250-343-6111
Gord Payson Electrician II 403-522-3286
Hayley Markel (2019) Realty Advisor 403-522-1205
James Barker Driver/Operator - Road Maintenance II 403-522-1241
Jason Botterill Technical Services Coordinator II 250-347-6602
Jed Cochrane Visitor Experience Manager IV 250-347-6161
Jed Cochrane (2020) A/Visitor Experience Manager 250-347-6161
Jeff Hearnden Maintenance Coordinator 403-522-1257
Jenny Klafki Indigenous Relations Manager / Acting 250-343-2001
Jill Hughes Park/Site Manager I 780-866-2233
Joanie Keefer Visitor Services Attendant II 250-343-6097
Jodan Loan Maintenance Worker III 403-522-1258
John Macdonald Senior Electrician 403-522-3286
Jon Stuart-Smith (2020) Human Wildlife Conflict Specialist 403-522-1232
Julie Champagne A/Visitor Experience Product Development Officer V 250-347-2220
Karen Goodchild Visitor Services Attendant II 403-522-1262
Keirna Nittel Cashier 250-347-9485
Keith Parkinson A/ Municipal Services Manager 403-522-3623
Kelsey Foote HR Assistant 250-347-2238
Kelsey Eade Fire Communications Officer 250-347-6153
Kevin Telford Environmental Assessment Scientist I 250-439-8343
Kim Kitching Visitor Services Attendant II 250-347-6827
Lee Smith Visitor Experience Operations Coordinator 403-760-5851
Lesley Matheson Partnering and Engagement Officer V 250-343-2002
Lindsay Mcpherson Public Relations and Communications Officer IV 250-347-2213
Marie-Claude Gosselin Visitor Services Attendant II 250-347-9551
Marie-Lise Norris Human Resources Assistant 250-347-2208
Marie-Pierre Tremblay Visitor Services Attendant II 403-762-8421
Marie-Sophie Desaulniers A/ Strategic Advisor 819-639-4396
Mark Davis Visitor Services Attendant II 250-837-1126
Mark Keller Plumber 403-397-0208
Marla Bojarski (2020) Environmental Assessment Scientist I 250-270-0204
Marla Oliver Interpretation Officer/Coordinator III 250-342-8332
Mauro Oyarzun-Velasquez Visitor Facilities Attendant 403-762-1572
Megan Sakuma Resource Management Officer I - Wildlife 403-522-1228
Megan Dafoe Storesperson II 250-343-6161
Michael Oliveira Resource Management Officer I 250-343-6138
Michael Vanderveen Asset Manager II 403-522-1244
Michael den Otter Integrated Land Use Policy & Planning Manager 250-347-6172
Miranda Raven Administrative Assistant - TIMEKEEPER 250-347-2201
Neil Ross Driver/Operator - Road Maintenance III 403-522-3623
Neil Scott Visitor Services Attendant II 403-522-1269
Nicola Kuzoff A/CFA 250-347-2217
Nicole Yeung Geomatics Technician 250-347-6169
Patrick Watters Visitor Services Team Leader IV 403-522-1269
Paul Foster Electrician II 403-522-3286
Philippe Allard Gaudreau Water/Wastewater Systems Operator II 403-522-3623
Rick Kubian Field Unit Superintendent Yoho/Kootenay/Lake Louise 403-522-1250
Rod Bushey Water/Wastewater Systems Operator II 403-522-3623
Roger Hostin Visitor Services Team Leader IV 403-522-1242
Roxanne Lafontaine Visitor Services Team Leader IV 250-347-2218
Rudy Zawada Electrician II 403-522-3286
Ryan Burton Driver/Operator - Road Maintenance II 403-522-1241
Sacha Veelbehr Visitor Services Attendant II 250-343-6783
Sally Watson Visitor Services Team Leader II 250-343-6107
Sally Watson (2020) Visitor Facilities Attendant 250-343-6104
Sasha Yasinski Fire Crew Member 613-793-9231
Seth Cherry Ecologist Team Leader II - WILDLIFE 250-347-6158
Shaunna Mcinnis Visitor Services Attendant II 250-347-2349
Shelagh Wrazej Resource Management Officer I 250-347-6168
Shelly Kochorek Executive Assistant I 250-347-9361
Suzy Whitty Human Resources Manager III 250-347-2232
Tanya Ann Marcotte Maintenance Worker II 403-763-9124
Thomas Niddrie Resource Management Officer I 403-522-1256
Tim Haggarty Visitor Safety Technician 403-431-0189
Todd Keith Planner II 250-343-2003
Tom Niddrie (2020) Resource Management Officer I 403-522-1256
Tony Sorensen Carpenter 403-522-1237