Chief Information Officer & Chief Security Officer


Name Title Telephone Number
Adam McLaren Telecom Analyst 819-939-1221
Alain Simard Databases Admin
Alex Wu Programmer Analyst 873-416-1273 x_____
Alexander Dziarski Analyste, Dév des applications 819-939-2461
Andrew Salm Technical Advisor 873-416-0868
Annik Sincennes Administration Assistant 819-939-1940
Arthur Eastman (2020) Telecommunications Officer 819-939-1222
Barbara Buchholcz Financial and Administrative Assistant 819-939-2256
Barry Evans System Administrator Level 2 819-934-1615
Benjamin Campin Technical Advisor, GIS Application development, geospatial datab 819-939-2813
Benoit Beaudoin Manager Web Hosting 819-939-1256
Bernard Vaz Senior Advisor, Digital Services Delivery
Bing Li (2020) Team Leader 819-939-2735
Bran Gebremedhin Application developer and Analyst 819-939-2204
Brigitte Charrois Administrative Assistant 873-416-0812
Buntan Chengli Team Lead, Database 819-939-1243
Cameron Krieger System Administrator 819-934-1597
Caroline Perth Team Lead, Operations, Information Management 819-939-1543
Cédric Lévesque .NET Developer 819-939-2562
Charles Simpson Project Leader 819-939-1344
Chloé Lapointe Security Officer 819-939-2939
Chris Spiess (2021) Manager, Database Design & Development 819-939-1241
Christian Moore System Administrator 819-939-1259
Christopher Saikaley Consultant
Crystal Brown Classification and Retrieval Clerk 819-939-1307
Daniel Weiss (2021) Telecom Support Analyst
Danièle Bouchard Security Analyst 819-939-1413
Darrell Kekanovich Assistant Director, Corporate Security 819-939-2402
David Guertin (2020) Manager, Infrastructure Operations 819-939-1255
David Roberge (2021) Manager, Enterprise Architecture 819-939-1761
Derek Cole System Administrator 819-939-1816
Diana Ait Youcef Administrative Assistant 819-939-1288
Eli Simon Technical Advisor, Security 819-939-1223
Eric Boulianne Support Analyst, Desktop Ops 819-939-1513
Esther Adepegba System Admin. (Firewall) 819-939-2677
Fiona Campbell-Daigle Team Lead, Service Desk 819-939-1272
Gail Christopher Assistant Director, Corporate Coordination & Readiness 819-939-1524
Gary Van Exan Manager, IT Security 819-939-1442
George Langlois Senior Director; Digital Services Delivery 873-415-0382
Guillaume Vittecoq Security Agent 819-939-2969
Hemendra Soni Network Operations 819-939-1225
Huan Wang (2020) Analyst 819-939-2465
Ioanna Bomis Administrative Assistant 819-939-1383
Iordan Markov Security Officer 819-939-1414
Isabelle Laprise-Enright (2020) Database Analyst 819-939-1313
Jacynthe Charlebois (2021) Administrative Clerk 819-939-2029
James Thomas IT Security Analyst
James Backa Team Leader 819-939-1346
James Soumela (2020) Team leader - QMP
Jamie Suomela (2021) Team leader QMP 343-550-2354
Jason Rasia Technology Architect 819-939-1460
Jason Abbott Technical Advisor 819-939-1516
Jean Dorais Manager Application Development 819-939-1305
JeanFrancois Viau Administrative Clerk 819-939-1406
Jianhua Mai Program Analyst 819-934-1593
Joel Jancovic Technology Architect 819-939-1248
Jonathan Champagne (2021) System Administrator 819-939-2338
Jonathan Simard IT Security Operations Lead 819-939-1258
Josh Chisholm (2021) GIS Programmer, Analyst 819-939-1512
Juan Carlos Davila Mesa Programmer Analyst, Application Development 819-939-1342
Julie Monette ATIP Administrative Officer 819-939-1298
Julie Gunville Administrative Assistant 819-939-1231
Julie Brunet A/Assistant Director, Transformation Planning & Reporting 873-416-2150
Kamen Garbouchev Team Lead, Database 819-939-2276
Kang Liao Program Analyst 819-939-1500
Lise Fecteau (2021) 873-416-1392
Louise Bernier Senior Director, Digital Services Delivery
Mallory-Caytlin Mason (2021) Executive Assistant to the DCEO
Marc Mitchell Team Leader, IT-Security 819-939-1290
Marc Pilon (2021) Project Manager 613-686-3575
Marie-Claude Germain Manager
Mario Duquet GIS Manager 819-939-1351
Mark Nylund Move Coordinator 819-939-1411
Mark Dorica (2021) Manager, EPMO 819-939-1358
Marwan Farah Senior Advisor to the Chief Information and Security Officer 819-939-1795
Maxime Messier Director, Enterprise Security and Corporate Services 819-939-1294
Michael Paquette-Renaud Support Analyst 819-939-1226
Michael Richards IT-Security Analyst 819-939-1336
Mike Broughton Manager Application Development 819-939-2692
Mirza Baig Tester 819-939-2715
Natalie Beauchamp Team Lead 819-939-1274
Nazih Zeidan Tester 819-934-1554
Nicolas Rondeau Technical Advisor 873-416-2436
Papa Kounta Network Support Analyst 873-416-0159 x_____
Patrick Brunet (2020) Junior Security Officer 819-939-2968
Paul O'Blenes (2020) GIS Data and Database Administrator 819-939-1353
Phil Hopkins Architecture Specialist 819-939-1293
Philippe Pereira Co-Ordinator, Business Centre 819-939-1614
Rahul Badami (2021) Director, BSD 819-939-2542
Rami Balaa Operations Support Specialist 819-994-8293
Renu Sharma Manager, Application Development, Database and Data Administration 819-939-1333
Richard Hum Technical Advisor, Security 819-939-2945
Robert Pritchard Project Management Center of Excellence 819-939-2250
Robert Raby (2020) Project Manager 819-939-1270
Romuald Wera (2020) Team leader QMP 819-939-1763
Rosanne Jimenez (2021) Administrative Assistant 819-939-1236
Sanaa Issa Technical team lead
Scott Trigger Telecom Support Analyst 819-939-1283
Serge Caron DCEO, Digital Transformation and Chief Security Officer 873-416-0885
Serge Gallant Chief, Financial planning advisor 873-416-2363