National Hydrological Services


Name Title Telephone Number
Aaron Donohue Hydrometric Technologist 867-445-9085
Aaron Thompson Manager, Engineering, Technical and Data Services East 905-336-4959
Adam Dowler Hydrometric Technologist 613-949-8297
Al Pietroniro Executive Director 306-975-4394
Alain Pietroniro (2018) Director 306-975-4394
Alain Goulet Test and evaluation technolog 613-229-7709
Aldina Picanco 204-983-2435
Alexandra Lavictoire Water Resources Engineer 819-420-7458
Allison Taylor Junior Hydrometric Technician 403-542-5416
Allison Kryschuk Junior Hydrometric Technician 431-337-9001
Alton Stead Hydrometric Supervisor 905-319-7221
Amber Brown Hydrometric Supervisor 403-292-6502
André Bouchard Program Manager 418-649-6509
Andres Gomez Project Engineer 403-292-5317
Andrew Creighton Hydrometric Supervisor 403-608-4394
Andrew Liddiard Senior Water Resources Engine 819-420-7509
Andrew Smith Hydrometric Technologist 506-452-3381
Angus Pippy Hydrological Services Gis Spe 867-669-4774
Anita Timmermans (2019) Senior Business Analyst (Cons 819-938-4464
Anna Howes 905-315-5207
Annie Pinsonnault Project Manager - NHS Transformation Initiative 438-340-9871
Beau Hawkings Project Engineer 587-830-4709
Benjamin Lambert Hydrometric Technologist 780-616-6379
Bob Reid (2018) Manager, Water Survey, NWT, N 867-444-0029
Brad Bougher Hydrometric Technologist 306-527-2907
Brandon Stuebing (2019) 306-535-2190
Brett Clavelle Project Engineer 604-664-9265
Brian Yurris hydrometric technologist 867-669-4778
Brian Forsyth (2018) Environmental Monitoring Tech 867-393-6893
Brian Neureuther 807-624-2465
Brian Sutton Hydrometric Technician 709-637-4203
Bruno Tassone (2020) Manager, Water Survey 604-664-4003
Camila Gomez Junior Project Engineer 819-938-5420
Carl Steenbergen Hydrometric Technician 780-617-4517
Carol Lett Lead Finance & Admin Services - Hydrometric Renewal 306-564-4437
Cassandra Adam Hydrometric Technician 306-564-4443
Cassandra Michel Plannning Analyst 819-938-4653
Cassidy Mercier (2020) Engineering Student 613-943-8080
Catherine McFarlane Hydrometric Technologist 807-624-2464
Charmaine Hrynkiw Physical Research Scientist 306-975-5627
Chelsea Selman Hydrometric Technician 403-292-5150
Chetaan Judge Adminstrative Student 403-292-5419
Chris Thomson Manager/ Standards, Training
Chris Kahler Hydrometric Supervisor
Christina Nussbaumer Hydrometric Supervisor 403-292-5405
Christopher Panacci 613-949-8296
Claire Barker-Sharp Water Resources Student 905-336-6258
Cody Garbutt Hydrometric Technologist 306-564-4444
Colin McCann Hydrometric Technologist 867-393-6896
Colin Angus Chief Hydrological Operations - Prairies 204-984-3463
Colin Dyck Hydrometric Survey Technologist 204-998-2364
Corey Hein Hydrometric Supervisor Sask. 306-564-4435
Cornelia Atmadja Lead Finance and Admin Services West and North 604-664-9272
Craig Paul Hydrometric System and Project Lead 807-624-2462
Craig Hatt Junior Hydrometric Technician 902-407-7789
Crystal Beaton Hydrometric Supervisor 905-336-4659
Curt Naumann Project Engineer 604-805-9705
Curtis Waiting Head of Operations - Alberta District 403-292-5471
Curtis Bertrand Hydrometric Technologist
Curtis Weber Area Head, Coastal Operations 250-754-0380
Curtis Pridham Jr. Hydrometric Technician 403-461-4533
Dan Selinger Hydrometric Supervisor 306-564-4434
Daniel Ferreira Water Resources Analyst 905-336-4580
Daniel Princz Coordinator / Officer Environmental Programs 306-975-6920
Daryl McLaughlin 204-984-5531
Dave Moncur (2019) Head of Operations 403-292-5404
Dave Helfrick Area Head, Interior Hydrometric Operations. 250-260-5028
David Jansma Hydrometric Technologist 705-494-4261
David Paul Environmental Monitoring Tech 250-417-2230
David Rose Hydrometric Technologist 905-336-6016
David Hutchinson Manager, WSC - BC 604-713-9548
Debi Forlanski Supervisor, Construction 403-614-3320
Dennis Lazowski (2020) Hydrological Services Supervi 403-292-5317
Derek Forsbloom Head of Operations - Northern District 867-669-4799
Derek Elliott Water Resource Engineer 902-426-1309
Derrick Beach Water Resources Engineer 905-336-4714
Desiree Dallas Administrative Officer 604-664-9060
Don Hood (2019) Hydrometric Technologist 306-535-2190
Doris Stus Executive Assistant 306-975-5717
Douglas Stiff Head, Hydro-informatics 819-938-4985
Dwayne Ofukany Head of Operations 780-951-8740
Dwayne Mayell Hydrometric Technologist 403-292-6519
Dwayne Akerman Hydrometric Technologist 709-772-4708
Edgar Link Environmental Monitoring Supe 250-615-5375
Elizabeth Jamieson Head, National Hydrometric Monitoring Technology Unit 819-938-4725
Emilie-Jeanne Bercier Hydrometric Technologist 867-393-6893
Emily Huxter Hydrometric Technologist 604-506-4346
Emily Anderson Watershed Hydrologist 306-975-5512
Emma Tayless Hydrometric Technician 250-417-2225
Erika Klyszejko (2019) Senior Project/Program Engineer 613-992-4994
Erin Hartman Water Resources Engineer 905-336-6009
Ethan Johnson Junior Hydrological Engineer 403-292-5409
Evan Friesenhan Manager, Engineering Services, West and North 780-951-8943
Francois Nzokou Tanekou Senior Project/Program Engineer 819-938-4273
François Rainville Science and Technology Transf 613-992-1673
Frank Seglenieks Water Resources Engineer 905-336-4947
Gail Faveri (2019) manager 905-336-6007
George Lennie (2018) Hydrometric Technologist 867-777-2621
Gianni Montanaro Hydrometric Technician 514-378-6258