Program Integrity and Employment Equity Division


Name Title Telephone Number
Alexandra Carrillo Consultant - Surge Capacity 613-277-0027
Candice Chan Data Research Analyst 343-548-1627
Eric Diotte Acting Director Program Integrity and Employment Equity 613-617-1404
Esma Guenin Program Auditor 604-362-2262
Geneviève Dubitsky Program Auditor 613-943-0642
Gift Okankwu Data Analyst 613-715-0294
Jennifer Murakami Program Auditor 613-791-5872
Joanne Beall (2019) Senior Administrative Assistant 613-943-0288
Josée Laplante Administrative Assistant 613-404-2906
Kessie Joseph Acting Manager Employment equity 613-943-9202
Michel Lefebvre Manager, Program Intergrity & Senior Evaluator 613-943-9104
Renée Thomas Program Auditor 902-403-9301
Saib Ahmad Program Auditor 613-943-9507
Wayne van der Meide Accountability & Performance Measurement Officer 613-697-8008