Programs Group


Name Title Telephone Number
Aaron Conde Research Development Officer 613-297-7151
Abe Greenspoon (2019) Manager, Strategic Program Policy 613-882-4375
Abigail Fyfe Research Development Officer 343-999-7384
Adrian Nicoll Program Policy Officer 343-550-4101
Adriana Lovric Program Advisor 613-991-2218
Aileen Duncan Program Policy Analyst 613-949-0146
Al Manii Research Development Officer 613-993-7507
Alejandra Trujillo Senior Program Policy Analyst 613-990-3002
Alexandra Irakoze (2019) Administrative 613-990-8038
Amélie Laprade A/Senior Program Policy Analyst 819-639-3531
Amy Harrison Liaison Officer, Programs Group 613-971-2123
Ana Gómez (2018) Administrative officer 613-990-3356
Andrée Périard Administrative Officer 613-993-7304
Andrei Sedoff (2017) Program Policy Analyst 613-998-8311
Angélique Carruthers Financial Analyst 613-998-9941
Anthony Nassif Project Officer, Engineer, Environmental Programs 613-949-6597
Antoine Lacroix Research Development Officer 613-998-8236
Antonella Busa A/Senior Program Officer 613-949-8197
Anuradha Marisetti Assistant Deputy Minister, Programs 613-990-3001
Ashley Zakhem Program Policy Analyst 613-993-9880
Brad Richard Research Development Officer 613-853-8392
Brandon Deuville (2020) Program Policy Analyst 613-998-7745
Brooke Jones A/Engineer, Environmental Programs 613-979-2081
Calie McPhee Director, Strategic Planning and Integration 613-998-1168
Carla Ntezilyayo Student
Carolyn Landry Program Advisor 613-991-2488
Catherine Higgens Assoc ADM, Programs and Lead, Navigation Protection Act Review 613-991-6435
Catherine Trounce environmental Advisor 613-998-7938
Chanel Ghazzawi Program Policy Analyst 613-447-2491
Chantale Picard Liaison Officer 613-990-3003
Christiane Thibault Administrative Support Assistant 613-998-1869
Christina Garcia Senior Advisor, ADM 613-990-3002
Christine Piché (2019) Administrative Assistant 819-420-4268
Christine Marques Senior Program Policy Analyst 613-862-7192
Christine McElroy (2017) Manager, Strategic Planning and Issues Management 613-998-9834
Christine Morris Program Policy Analyst 613-991-6443
Corrine Ezin Program Policy Analyst 613-998-8332
Craig Cormier Policy Analyst 613-949-0161
Cynthia Lamarre-Berniquez (2019) Administrative Assistant 613-949-8788
Daniel Blais Senior Program Policy Analyst 343-549-2674
Daniel Hébert Research Development Officer 613-998-5016
Deborah deGrasse Head, Development Unit 613-990-7985
Denis Tran Project Officer, Engineer, Environmental Programs 613-991-3324
Diane Denis Administrative Support Assistant 613-990-6458
Diane Levéillee (2019) Executive Assistant to the ADM 613-990-2188
Dina Hanhan Program Advisor
Dirk Buettner Program Policy Analyst 613-698-2158
Dominique Charlebois Research Development Officer 613-990-7954
Donna McLean Director, Navigation Protection Program 613-998-6538
Donna Morris (2018) Project Manager 613-998-8379
Doug Hagar Program Policy Analyst 343-549-5536
Douglas Miller Program Support Officer 613-991-2522
Elizabeth Wallace Research & Analysis Officer 613-293-9858
Emma Comeau Program Policy Officer 613-991-2722
Eric Ogouma Executive Assistant to the ADM 613-990-3004
Felix Boudreault (2016) Special Advisor, Marine Policy 613-998-8229
Frances Truong (2019) Program Policy Officer 613-998-1830
Francine Madaire A/Administrative Services Coordinator 613-991-3637
Francois Dorval Senior Research Coordination Officer 514-220-8041
Galdin Ledaga A/Administrative Assistant 613-993-5773
Gilles Lebrun Engineering and Scientific Support 902-461-3893
Graeme Tang (2019) Project Officer, Engineer, Environmental Programs
Hamza Shafique Project Officer, Engineer, Environmental Programs 343-550-4131
Haydar Issa Engineer, Environmental Programs 343-542-3175
Helen Wallace (2019) Research and Analysis Officer 613-293-9858
Hisham Ali Student
Howard Posluns Head, Development Unit 613-990-5394
Isabelle Lemire (2019) Manager Project Management Office 613-991-4727
Jacob McBane Manager, Strategic Program Policy 613-716-4668
Jacob Muirhead A/Policy Analyst 613-949-0239
Jacqueline Lemieux Program Policy Analyst 613-990-1143
James Maung (2019) Senior Marine Safety Inspector 613-991-0930
James Cook A/Program Policy Officer 613-998-1352
James Kappel (2019) Research/Analysis Officer 613-991-3428
Jashua Luna (2017) Student 613-991-0144
Jason Robichaud Administrative Assistant 343-548-3566
Jean-Philippe Boucher (2019) A/Senior Program Policy Analyst 613-998-6500
Jeff Patten (2019) Head, Development Unit 613-949-4121
Jen Ferris Administrative Officer 613-769-3108
Jenna Lim A/Program Policy Officer 613-990-0626
Jennifer Shea Administrative Assistant 613-949-8791
Jérémie Chamberland Research & Analysis Officer 613-991-3988
Jessica Ward-King Senior HR Advisor, Policy and Programs
Jim Lothrop Director General, Innovation Centre 613-991-5995
Joanne Dolph Research & Analysis Officer 343-551-3370
Jocelyn Harrington Program Policy Officer 236-808-3341
John Snider Manager/Senior Policy Advisor 613-854-8530
John Hnatyshyn Director, NPP Management and Resource Planning 613-971-2216
Jonah Veenendaal (2019) Casual
Jonathan Sabean Director, Horizontal & Innovation Integration 613-998-5035
Jonathan Parent Project Officer, Engineer, Environmental Programs 343-549-0315
Jordan Wolfe Manager, Strategic Program Policy 613-710-8645
Jordan O'Reilly Engineer, Environmental Programs 613-998-2552
Josiane Coutu Program Advisor 613-954-2797
Karen Garvey (2019) Manager, Strategic Program Policy 613-998-1926
Katherine Martin Project Management Analyst 613-991-9883
Kathleen Gifford Research & Analysis Officer 613-998-7941
Kathy (Kaixi) Tang Program Policy Officer
Katrina Beecraft Senior Program Policy Analyst 613-314-2479
Kaveh Khalilian Engineer, Environmental Programs 613-990-0555