Operations and Field Governance


Name Title Telephone Number
Adrian Cloete Director, Communication Services 819-939-1898
Alain Bernard Assistant Director , Electoral Administrators Recruitment 819-939-1501
Alan Webb Instructional Designer 819-939-1610
Alex Okuda-Rayfuse Procedures Officer 819-939-1362
Alexandra Tremblay-Plourde (2020) Procedures Officer 819-939-1626
Alexandre Lessard Field Support Network Officer 819-939-2444
Aline Khadissatou Diatta Field Support Network Officer 873-415-0465
Allison Slaney Procedures officer 873-416-1749
Alvin Leung Operational Training & Evaluation Officer 819-939-2174
Alyssa St-Louis Field Support Network Officer
Amanda Jamieson SVR Electoral Coordination Officer 873-416-1412
Amelia Brown (2021) Director, Electoral Integrity and Internal Audit 819-939-1265
Amelie Lord Field Support Network Officer 819-939-2386
Andréanne Sabourin (2021) Administrative assistant 819-939-0572
Anil Mawani ECSN Advisor 819-939-0584
Ann Hai Cote Field Support Network Officer
Annabelle O'Keeffe Acting Assistant Director, Polling Location Management Services 343-996-5873
Bichoux Saint-Juste (2021) Program Manager, Field Support and Self-Service 819-939-2951
Blair Charbonneau Project Administrative Coordinator 819-939-2120
Carine Arseneault Assistant director 819-939-2279
Carl Jetté Acting Director 819-939-1722
Carole Bélanger Executive Assistant 819-939-1942
Carole Laflamme Manager, Sector Planning, Governance and Administration 819-939-2698
Caroline Fortier Administrative Assistant 873-416-1323
Catherine Levesque Analyst 613-949-1517
Catherine Martin (2021) Field Support Network Officer
Cédric Mayrand Administrative Project Coordinator, Poll Workers Recruitment 819-939-2569
Cedrick Bisson (2021) Chief Assembly & Logistics 613-993-4364
Chani Gagnon-Warren Engagement Design Officer 819-939-2382
Charles McDonald Procedures Agent
Charles Boucher (2021) Agent, Material and Procurement
Christine Bingon Project Coordinator 819-939-2030
Christine Lepack Electoral Coordination Officer 613-941-8554
Christine Adams Chief, Field Programs & Ser 819-939-1380
Christophe Lamarre ECSN Advisor 819-939-0449
Claude Leclerc (2021) Storeperson 613-949-1287
Craig Morse Manager, Data and Systems 819-939-1386
Dani Srour (2019) Senior Director 819-939-2208
Daniel Champagne (2020) Field Support Network Officer 819-420-4752
Daniel Causer Web Advisor 819-939-2227
Daniel Laframboise Chief, Data and Systems 613-949-1557
Daniel Copping Field Support Network Officer
Danielle Duquette Associate Director, Operational Oversight and Financial Administration 819-939-1623
Danielle Morin Field Support Network Officer 873-416-1597
David Bloom (2021) Information Officer 613-949-0053
Denis Bazinet Director, Electoral Operations and Planning Administration 819-939-1400
Denise Bisaillon Operations and governance in the regions 819-956-5034
Desiree Ines Makougoum Tagakou Field Support Network Officer
Elspeth Urquhart (2021) Field Support Network Officer 819-994-8391
Emily Mountjoy Electoral Coordination Officer
Emmanuelle Arsenault Electoral Cordinator Officer
Eric Simard Field Support Network Officer
Fatima Hassan Operations Officer 819-939-1624
Fidélité Nininahazwe (2020) Field Support Network Officer 819-939-2235
Franceska Gnarowski (2021) Manager, Evaluation and Performance Management in the Region 819-939-2946
François Rose Storeperson
Frederic Lacroix Field Support Network Officer
Gilbert El-Dick Procedures Officer 819-939-2390
Gordon Baird A/ Associate Director, Field Personnel Training 819-939-1607
Grace McEwen (2021) Operations Advisor 819-939-1641
Heureuse Saint-Juste (2020) Field Support Network Officer 819-939-1980
Innocent Gbaguidi (2020) Field Support Network Officer 819-939-2494
Isabelle Gingras Policy Analyst 819-420-4743
Janine Mattmann Electoral Coordination Officer 819-939-1597
Jason Howard Data and Systems Analyst 819-939-1853
Jean Chartrand (2021) Agent(e) de projet
Jean-François Lefebvre FLO Advisor 819-939-2162
Jean-Marc Collin Assistant Director 613-949-0101
Jean-Pierre Semery Data and systems analyst 819-939-2270
Jean-Sébastien Turgeon (2021) Complaints Officer
Jeff Boswell Data and systems analyst 819-939-2266
Jenna Andrews Operations Advisor 819-939-1656
Jennifer White A/Manager, Field Communications Planning and Operations 873-416-1249
Jérémie Martineau Chief, Recruitment 819-939-1822
Jeremy Soers ECDocs Production Specialist 819-939-1723
Jilun Feng (2021) Data and systems analyst 819-939-2972
Jocelyne Leroux (2021) Manager, Electoral Material 819-939-1727
Joel Thompson Assistant Director, Field Technology & Analytics 819-939-1389
Johanne Valcourt (2021) Chief, Field Communications 819-939-1854
Josée Lefebvre Operational Training Evaluation Officier 819-939-2169
Josée Lacourse Electoral Cordinator Officer 819-939-1220
Joshua Hockley Officer, Election Material 819-939-1284
Julia McAllister Project Officer 873-416-0571
Julie Beauséjour Administrative Assistant 819-939-1278
Justin Heymans Operational Training & Evaluation Officer 819-934-1633
Karen McAllister Procedures Officer 873-416-1567
Karen Ennis Electoral Data Officer 819-939-2263
Karine Masson Program Officer 613-949-3282
Katia Delisle Finance & Administrative Advisor 873-416-1257
Keith Walker Chief, Revision Systems 819-939-1390
Ksenia Chouinard Communications Officer 819-939-1385
Lakshna Dhunnoo (2021) Senior analyst, Reports
Laurel Hobday Project Coordinator 819-939-2258
Linda Kao Electoral Coordinator
Lindsay Allard External Service Point Coordinator 613-948-7312
Liz Johnson Training Materials Developer 819-939-1275
Luc Lachance Storeperson 613-993-6365
Luc Lamoureux Writer/Editor, Field Documentation
Luka Dursun (2020) Senior Analyst, Data and Systems 819-939-1399
Lynn Dignard (2021) Linguistic coordinator 819-939-2932