Information Technology Services


Name Title Telephone Number
Arnold Vega Network and IT Security Administrator 613-998-5568
Benjamin Déry (2021) Student, Computer Imaging, Configuration and Deployment Specialist 613-993-7560
Christopher Rioux Technical Coordinator 613-993-8200
Christopher Grinham Client Portfolio Manager 613-990-8182
Claude Fillion Manager, Information Technology Services 613-998-8797
Hudson Ross (2019) Programmer/Developer
Iain Tait Data Analyst, Chancellery 613-949-9902
Joey Babiak Web Developer 613-203-6047
Jonathan Stairs Desktop Specialist 613-949-2750
Joshua Brady Helpdesk Technician 613-990-8455
Linda Fawcett (2021) Manager, Information Technology Services 613-990-1990
Manon Proulx Helpdesk Coordinator 613-998-8799
Marc Mantha Technical Advisor 613-949-4868
Ming Zhao (2021) Programmer / Developer 613-993-8200
Paul-André Plouffe Supervisor and Database Administrator 343-548-4480
Rajo Ivanovic IT Consultant 613-993-8200
Randy McDougall Programmer/Developer (IT Consultant) 613-993-8200
Rola Abdul-Nour (2021) Portfolio Manager 613-991-5719
Samuel Bédard (2019) Student, Information Technology Services 819-993-3506
Tejinder Sarao IT Consultant 613-993-8200