Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions


Name Title Telephone Number
Adel Dridi Pay advisor
Adriana Ditiero (2021) Manager, Compensation and Benefits
Adriana Mastrostefano (2021) Financial analyst
Adriana DiTiero (2022) Project Coordinator
Adrien Champagne de Médeiros (2020) Student
Agathe Duclos (2021) Communications Coordinator
Aggeliki Helen Matsiros (2016) Senior Advisor 514-531-5367
Aggelikihelen Matsiros (2018) Conseillère principale / Senior advisor 514-701-1546
Aggelikihelen Matsiros (2023) Senior advisor
Ajit Ramessar (2018) Spécialiste de soutien informatique / System Support Specialist 514-242-8107
Ajit Ramessar Director, Digital solutions
Alain Chan-Kouan Recovery Chief
Alana Garcia Administrative Assistant 613-720-6379
Albert Weizman (2018) Advisor 514-546-3136
Albert Weizman (2018) Financial analyst
Alessandro Bono (2018) Analyst, Planification, modernization and reporting 514-299-8671
Alex Decarie (2020) User Support Officer
Alexandra Cassiani Advisor 514-283-6602
Alexandra Waibel (2020) Human Resources officer
Alexandra Waibel (2018) Agent de gestion de documents / Document manager officer 514-496-2572
Alexandra Waibel (2021) Information Management Officier
Alexandra Waibel Communication Coordinator
Alexandra Waibel (2018) Document manager officer
Alexandra Waibel (2019) Administrative Assistant
Alexandre Robertson (2018) Chef Annonces - Grands projets / Chief Announce - Departmental Announcements 514-283-8154
Alexandre Guilmaine Manager, centre of expertise
Alexandre Dompierre Program Assistant
Alexandre Robertson Acting General Director
Alexandre Dompierre (2018) Liaison and Planning Officer 514-653-5440
Alexandru Savulescu (2021) Project Manager
Alexandru Savulescu (2019)
Alexandru Savulescu (2019) Agent(e), Planification, modernisation et reddition de comptes / Agent, Planning, Modernization and Reporting 514-705-6596
Alexandru Savulescu (2021) Analyst - Planning, modernization and reporting
Alexis Tremblay Lapierre (2023) Economic development advisor
Alexis Vallée Regional economic development advisor
Alexis Charron Analyst
Ali Yousfi (2023) Advisor 514-283-8799
Aline Mulinda (2020) Chief, Procurement and Contract Management
Alissa Robert Team Leader, Technological Services Portfolio
Alissa Bellerose Director, Technologic Solutions and Cybersecurity
Allen Dufour (2023) Manager
Amanda D'Aoust (2023) Digital Communications Officer
Amanda Hérault Executive assistant to the Deputy Minister and President
Amelie Dansereau (2020) Fed.-prov. relation Analyst
Amélie Dansereau (2018) Analyst - Federal-Provincial Relations 514-458-8598
Amélie Gauthier (2023) Chief, Planning and Strategic Services
Amélie Gauthier (2020) Senior Analyst
Amélie Dansereau Manager, Partnerships, Liaison and Cabinet Affairs
Aminata Fall (2022) Advisor
Amritpal-Kaur Grewal Business Intelligence Advisor 514-212-5072
Ana-Maria Gubert-Mitchell (2021) Economic dev. officer student intern
Anastasia Gould (2019) Analyste de politiques / Policy Analyst 819-997-9213
Andre Desmarais (2021) Senior advisor
André Dion (2017) Edimaster / Communications officer 514-496-8680
André Desmarais (2018) Senior Advisor 514-378-1376
Andreanne Dionne (2020) Program Assistant 418-648-4726
Andréanne Dionne Programs assistant
Andree Morneau (2018)
Andrée Brissette (2021) Senior HR Advisor
Andrée Morin Team Leader, EE, diversity & inclusion
Andrée-Anne Laporte (2023) Economic developement advisor
Andreia Mota (2017) conseillère en ressources humaines /Human ressources advisor 514-283-0700
Angelica Florina Goiea Adam
Angelica Florina Goiea Adam (2019) Program Assistant 514-710-9748
Anie-Jade Glazer-Charbonneau (2022) Digital Communications Assistant
Anjarasoa Razafindrakoto IT Project Officer
Anne Nsimire Administrative Assistant
Anne Mouls (2017) Analyst 514-283-7857
Anne Marie Labrèque (2021) Communication Advisor
Anne-Claire Raymond (2021) Administartive Assistant
Anne-Margot Arsenault (2022) Analyst 514-209-6229
Anne-Marie Grenier Senior advisor 514-518-0936
Anne-Marie Eustace (2021) Economic development advisor
Anne-Marie Eustace (2023) Regional economic dev. advisor
Ann-Émilie Simard-Desbiens Conseiller(ère) / Advisor 418-668-2235
Annie Boisvert Financial analyst
Annie Roy (2019) Advisor
Annie Roy (2023) Advisor 514-283-6431
Annie Queenton Advisor 514-346-0151
Annie Leblond Chief, Digital Communications
Annie-Claude Bougie (2018) Advisor 819-997-1287
Annie-Claude Beaudry (2021) Communication Coordinator
Ann-sophie Therrien (2016) 819-478-4664
Anny DeBlois (2023) Senior Advisor, Corporate HR
Anselme Nsoga (2022) HR Advisor
Anthony Rochon (2023) IT Technician
Ashley Moses (2021) Student - Compensation
Assia Chaala (2018) Analyst 514-618-3983
Assia Chaala Team Leader
Aude Manzagol (2019) Senior HR Officer
Aude Manzagol (2019) Senior Advisor Center of Expertise
Audrey Lebel (2022) Advisor
Audrey Gravel Chief - Financial Systems
Audrey Bouchard Officer, régional economic development
Aurèle Nde Programmer
Aurelie Nesme Acting Client Service and Change Management Coordinnator
Aurelie Nesme (2019)
Barnabe Feundjiep (2018)
Barnabé Feundjiep (2018) Adjoint(e) au programmes / Program Assistant 514-283-3298
Bastien Pelletier (2018) Chef d'équipe, Conseiller sécurité / Team lead, Security advisor 514-531-4197