The Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated


Name Title Telephone Number
André Morin Senior Director, Operations 450-651-8771 x2167
Daniel Dupuis (2022) Director, Finance and Administration 450-651-8771(223)
Denis Dauphinais (2022) Director, Construction and Project Management 450-651-8771(232)
Dominique Blouin Senior Director, Projects 450-651-8771 x2520
Elizabeth Milanova Executive assistant 450-651-8771 x2244
Glen Carlin (2022) General Manager 450-651-8771(221)
Guy Mailhot (2022) Director, Engineering 450-651-8771(242)
Lucie Painchaud Senior Director, Administration and Treasurer 450-651-8771 x2261
Nathalie Lessard Director, Communications 450-651-8771 x2232
Nelly Tchumak (2022) Manager, Human Resources 450-651-8771(249)
Paul Robert Senior Director, Legal Affairs and Human Resources, and Corporate Secretary 450-651-8771 x2224
Raymond Denault (2022) Director, Operations and Maintenance 450-928-4116(225)
Robert Sauvé Senior Director, Asset Management 450-651-8771 x2267
Sandra Martel Chief executive officer 450-651-8771 x2221
Sophie Pépin Executive assistant to CEO 450-651-8771 x2222
Sophie Pépin (2022) Assistant to the General Manager 450-651-8771(222)
Sylvie Lefebvre (2022) Counsel and Corporate Secretary 450-651-8771(229)