Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety

Organization Structure



Name Title Telephone Number
Alan Powell (2024) Manager, Technology Solutions 905-572-2981 x4556
Anne Tennier President and Chief Executive Officer 905-296-3846
Christopher Moore (2019) Manager, Training and Education Services 905-572-2981 x4462
David Brophy (2024) Manager, Systems Services 905-572-2981 x4498
Emma Ashurst Manager, Inquiries Service 905-572-2981 x4487
Frank Leduc (2018) Vice-President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer 905-572-2981 x4401
Gareth Jones (2019) Vice-President, Operations 905-572-2981 x4537
Gerry Culina (2024) Manager, General Health and Safety 905-572-2981 x4527
Jennifer Dipper Manager, Education Services 905-572-2981 x4595
Kim Pirhonen (2018) Acting Vice President, Finance / Chief Financial Officer 905-572-2981 x4402
Kimberly Pirhonen (2024) Vice President, Finance / Chief Financial Officer 905-572-2981 x4402
Laurie Tirone (2024) Manager, Chemical Services 905-572-2981 x4461
Linda Moreau (2024) Financial Administrative Officer 905-572-2981 x4409
Lorraine Davison (2018) Manager, Chemical Services 905-572-2981 x4466
Lynda Brown Director, Marketing and Communications 905-572-2981 x4472
Renzo Bertolini (2019) Manager, Inquiries and Client Services 905-572-2981 x4477
Steve Horvath (2018) President and Chief Executive 905-572-2981 x4432
Yvone Defreitas (2024) Director, Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness 905-572-2981 x4404