Canadian Museum of Nature


Name Title Telephone Number
Adam Hooper Project Leader, Information Management and Information Technology 613-566-4205
Ailsa Barry Vice-President, Experience and Engagement 613-566-4286
Alan McDonald Collections Technician 613-364-4024
André Martel Research Scientist 613-364-4061
André Fortier (2020) Senior Officer, Protection Services 613-566-4745
Andrea Boyd (2020) Advancement Officer, Sponsorship 613-364-4011
Andrea Fernandes Sales Representative and Protocol Officer 613-566-4721
Angeline Laffin Director 613-566-4536
Anne Botman Head, Web Services 613-566-4243
Annie Thérien Graphic Designer 613-566-4528
Annie St-Jean Administrative Assisstant 613-566-4772
Annie Bélec Advisor, Pay and Benefits 613-566-4248
Annie Boileau Human Resources Advisor 613-566-4257
Antoinette Martin (2016) Advisor, Pay and Benefits 613-566-4248
Ashraf El-Arabaty (2016) Market Research Analyst 613-566-4774
Ayoub Mohcine Senior Finance Officer 613-566-4268
Bilal Hussain (2021) Project Manager, Information Management and Information Technology
Boase Nancy (2016) Assistant Registrar 613-364-4090
Brian Coad Research Scientist 613-364-4067
Brigitte Bouchard (2017) Financial Analyst 613-566-4045
Carol Campbell Director 613-566-2466
Carole LeBlond (2021) Finance Clerk, Accounts Payables 613-566-4264
Caroline Genet Senior Marketing and Communications Officer 613-566-4222
Caroline Lanthier Senior Content Developer and Project Manager 613-566-4218
Carolyn Leckie Conservator 613-566-4797
Chantal Dussault Head, Archives, Records and Library 613-364-4047
Charles Bloom Vice-President Corporate Services & Chief Information Officer 613-566-4214
Charles Bloom (2020) Chief Information Officer 613-566-4214
Cindy Fedoryk Application Administrator 613-566-4777
Claude Renaud Research Scientist 613-364-4069
Clayton Kennedy (2016) Senior Collections Technician 613-364-4062
Cynthia Iburg Project Leader, Adult Programs 613-566-4753
Dan Smythe Senior Media Relations Officer 613-566-4781
Daniel Boivin Exhibit Designer and Project Manager 613-566-4297
Daniel Robu (2021) Financial Officer 613-566-4268
Darrell Daniels Shipping and Reveiving Officer 613-566-4272
Davina Pearl Advancement Associate, Membership Programme 613-566-4271
Diane McCullagh (2017) Director 613-566-4294
Diane Faucher (2021) Head, Accounting Services 613-566-4535
Diane Mongrain Coordinator, Facility Rentals and Events 613-566-4718
Ed Hendrycks Senior Research Assistant 613-364-4065
France Roy Assistant 613-566-4201
François Génier Collections Manager 613-566-4230
Gilles Proulx Project Leader, Education Programme 613-566-4706
Glen Poirier Electron Microprobe Lab Manager 613-364-4088
Guy Larocque Administrative Assistant 613-566-4764
Ikram Zouari (2021) Director, Finance and Acting Chief Financial Officer 613-364-4059
Irene Byrne (2017) Corporate Secretary 613-566-4738
Isabel Jarvo Finance Assistant and Accounts Receivable 613-364-4103
Ivo Mokros (2016) Director 613-566-4214
Jacqueline Madill Senior Research Assistant 613-566-4786
Jana Gillis Web Production Assistant 613-566-4804
Jason Coyle Technician, Faiclity Rentals and Events 613-566-4741
Jean-Marc Gagnon Curator 613-364-4066
Jeffrey Saarela Vice-President, Research and Collections 613-364-4080
Jennifer Doubt Curator 613-364-4076
Jennifer-Lee Mason (2016) Host, Visitor Services 613-364-4104
Joanne Desnoyers (2021) Administrative Assistant 613-364-4103
Joel Grice Research Scientist 613-364-4057
Johanne Robin Science Interpreter and Public Inquiries 613-566-4782
John Swettenham Director 613-566-4249
John Henderson Senior Officer, Protection Services 613-566-4745
Jonathan Ferabee (2016) Senior Exhibit Designer 613-566-4215
Judith Price (2017) Assistant Collection Manager 613-566-4263
Julianna Tiv Clerk, Accounts Payables 613-566-4264
Julie Bowen (2016) Vice-President, Experience and Engagement 613-566-4744
Kamal Khidas Curateur 613-364-4098
Katherine Day Science Interpreter 613-566-4778
Kathleen Conlan Section Head, Zoology 613-364-4063
Kathleen Steward Section Head, Paleobiology 613-364-4051
Kathleen Quinn Web Content Developer 613-566-4208
Katja Rodriguez Coordinator, Volunteer Programme 613-566-4261
Kieran Shepherd Curator 613-364-4054
Kim de Grandpré Senior Advisor 613-566-4710
Laetitia Habimana Head, Visitor Services and Market Research 613-566-4796
Laura Sutin Media Relations and Communications Officer 613-566-4793
Laura Evans Director 613-566-4237
Liane Monette (2016) Officer, Contracts and Procurement 613-566-4268
Linda Kincaid Senior Advancement Officer 613-364-4043
Lisa Brasic Chief Financial Officer 613-566-4258
Lorna Sierolawski Producer / Senior Tourim and Marketing Officer 613-566-4235
Lory Beaudoin Administrative Assistant 613-364-4033
Louisa Bouchard Advisor, Pay and Benefits 613-566-4233
Luc Barbe Officer, Visitor Experience 613-566-4760
Luc Villeneuve (2020) Information Technology (IT) Assistant 613-566-4212
Lucille Founier Administrative Ass. and Coordinator, Corporate Communications 613-566-4785
Lynn Gillespie Research Scientist 613-364-4075
Maggie Kilian (2016) Head, Programs 613-566-4725
Mara Bouse Science Interpreter and Voluntee Support 613-566-4766
Marc Diotte Technician, Facility Rentals and Events 613-566-4741
Margaret Currie Collections Technician 613-566-4251
Marie Lasnier (2017) Director 613-364-4101
Mario Lacasse (2017) Multimedia Technician 613-566-4715
Mario Maloin (2017) Vice President, Corporate Services and CFO 613-566-4732
Marise Robinson Property Manager 613-566-4742
Marissa Croteau Advancement Officer, Membership and Annual Giving 613-364-4141
Marissa Gilbert Research Assistant 613-364-4071
Mark Bylsma Exhibition Technician 613-566-4702
Mark Graham (2020) Vice-President, Research and Collections 613-566-4743
Martin Leclerc Director 613-566-4238