Laurentian Pilotage Authority Canada


Name Title Telephone Number
Benoit Sabourin Controller 514-283-6320(216)
Chantal Lavoie Billing/Accounts Receivable Officer 514-283-6320(225)
Christiane Jodoin Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer 514-954-3274
Claude Lambert Director of Administrative Services 514-283-6320
Éric Bérubé Manager 418-233-2995
Fulvio Fracassi Chief Executive Officer 514-283-6320( x204)
Hélène David Human Resources and Administration Technician 514-283-6320( x217)
Hélène Arcouette Administrative Assistant to the Senior Director of Operations 514-283-6320( x210)
Isabelle Roy Human Resources Advisor 514-283-6320(213)
Katherine Boudreau Purchasing and Accounts Payable Officer 514-283-6320(200)
Mario St-Pierre Secretary and Legal Advisor 514-283-6320(209)
Nadia Dionne Billing Clerk 514-283-2190
Patricia Bigonesse Billing Clerk 514-283-6320( x218)
Patricia Hébert Assistant Director of Operations 514-283-6320( x211)
Steve Lapointe Dispatch Director 514-283-6320( x300)
Sylvia Masson Senior Director of Operations 514-283-6320