Deputy Chief Financial Officer


Name Title Telephone Number
André Daigle Assistant Director, Resource Management 873-416-1247
Anik Paré Senior Accounting Clerk 873-415-0453
Annie Lamoureux - 873-415-0469
Audrey Marquis Senior accounting clerk 873-415-0472
Austin Tongue Senior Accounting Clerk 873-416-0792
Binta Fatoumata Diallo Financial Management Advisor -
Bruno Vasquez de Bracamonte Financial Systems/Systèmes financiers 873-416-1796
Candace Clarke Business Process Coord Confidential
Carine Benimana System analyst and reports 873-416-1128
Carlos Alvarado Senior Accounting Clerk 873-416-0938
Cecile Gasagire Senior Accounting Clerk 873-416-1940
Daniel Payment Chief Financial Systems 873-416-1639
Doris Andreescu Assistant Director, Field Policies, Systems and Services 873-416-1098
Émilie Héroux Financial Analyst 873-415-0397
Ethan Clow Senior Accounting Clerk 873-416-1862
Francis Lépine Senior Accounting Clerk 873-416-1864
Gaétane Lemieux Supervisor, Field Payment Services 873-416-0907
Isabelle Fortin Chief Accounting Operations 873-416-1325
Jean Beaulieu Financial Planning Analyst Confidential
Joelle Cyr Senior Accouting Clerk 873-416-0816
Johanne Gagnon Senior Project Manager 873-416-1336
Jouella D'souza Senior Accounting Clerk 873-416-1939
Julie Larose Dirigeante adjointe des Finances 873-416-1476
Kate Howe Senior Accounting Clerk 873-416-1938
Katy Yount Business Affairs Coordinator 873-416-2362
Lyne Gélinas Senior Financial Officer 873-416-2355
Manuel Rubinos-Avila Supervisor, Field Payment 873-416-0757
Manuela Manu - 873-416-0818
Martin Bouchard Chief, Financial Management Advisor 873-416-1164
Martine Rochon Paymaster Field Finance 873-416-1695
Marwan Mneimneh Paymaster, Field Finance 873-416-0909
Mathieu Madore Financial Analyst 873-416-1542
Mathieu Laurin Financial Officer 873-416-1494
Mélanie Morisset Senior Financial Officer 873-416-0989
Mélanie Gauthier Accounting Officer 873-416-1346
Natasa Paradjina Chief, Financial Management Advisor 873-416-1635
Nina Potvin Senior Accounting Clerk 873-416-1115
Pierre Robert Financial Officer – Corporate Accounting 873-416-0593
Ricky Brulé Senior Acct. Officer 873-416-0911
Robert Latulippe Senior Accounting Clerk 873-416-0881
Serge Sabourin Chief Financial Systems 873-416-1713
Stanislas Towa Financial Reporting & System, Analyst 873-416-1786
Stéphane Desfossés Senior Accounting Clerk 873-416-2119
Suad Mohamed Senior Accounting Clerk 873-416-1588
Sylvie Rose (2023) Chief, Corporate Accounting 873-416-0539
Véronique Lortie - 873-416-0851